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18-Day Old Baby Has Been Sold Online By His Teenage Dad To Buy IPhone And Motorbike

A newborn baby girl has been sold online in the social media site QQ by a 19-year old  identified as A-Duan for 23,000 Yuan or roughly $3,500 so that he could buy himself an iPhone and a motorbike.   

The teen father had admitted in court that he exchanged his 18-day old child for cash. Xiao Mei, the biological mother said that she didn't know that it was illegal.

According to her: "I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them.

An unnamed buyer who later surrendered himself to the police, purchased the newborn baby for his sister. Although the buyer has gone to police, the baby has remained with his sister as the parents are unable to raise her.

It has been reported that the mother has received a two-and-half years suspended sentence, while the father will be facing 3 years in jail.

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