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Balayan Mayor, Police Chief and Brgy Captain Accused of Abusing 14-Year-Old Minor

BalayanBatangas Mayor Emmanuel Romeo Fronda Jr. along with two other government officials are facing criminal charges after allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl

In the victim's sworn affidavit, she recalls meeting with Mayor Fronda on June 24, 2016,during her youth group's meeting. Allegedly the mayor had a chance to meet with the victim alone and had asked her if she needed money. The suspect then texted the girl to ask her out, to which the minor reluctantly agreed. 

According to the complanant's statement, the mayor brought her to a motel where she was told to remove her clothing. Despite the girl's repeated refusal, she was forcibly stripped by the mayor and sexually abused.

"Ayaw ko po maghubad kaya pinilit po niya ako. Nung hindi po ako naghuhubad, si mayor na po ang naghubad ng t-shirt ko. Nung una po nahirapan siya alisin dahil iniipit ko yung braso ko kaya hindi niya maalis yung t-shirt. Hanggang sa punmayag na rin po ako dahil panay ang pilit niya"

After the alleged rape, Mayor Fronda gave the victim P2,000.00

Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the last time the victim would be sexually abused.

Balayan Mayor, Police Chief and Brgy Captain Accused of Abusing 14-Year-Old Minor

On July 8, former Balayan Police Chief Inspector Christopher Guste had also abused the minor. Guste had allegedly texted the girl asking her if she needed money and also offered a huge amount if she was willing to do a "secret" thing with him. When she asked what this 'secret' thing was, he revealed that it was sex. Guste had allegedly told the victim to meet him in front of a bank, then picked her up and brought her to a motel.

Former PNP Chief Guste had reportedly given her P400.00 after raping her.

Barangay Chairperson Romeo Erilla Y Fronda was also accused of abusing the minor on three seperate dates: July 3, July 20, and August 3. The brgy captian also happens to be Mayor Fronda's cousin. 

The National Bureau of Investigation have since filled charges against all three government officials. Mayor Fronda will be charged with rape - while former PNP Chief Insp. Guste and Brgy captain Romeo Erilla have been charged with qualified seduction. 

The girl and her motherNanay Ligaya, have received many death threats in light of this revelation thus they move from place-to-place. However they are unfazed by these threats and will pursue justice.

"Masakit para sa akin kase magulang ako. Pero ipakikiita ko kanila kung ano talaga ung totoo." Nanay Ligaya says in an interview with ABS-CBN's TV Patrol. "Pagbabayarin ko talaga sila sa ginawa nila."

The mayor was unavailable for comment. 


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