13 Dec 18:06Tin tức

This man was having a good sleep when his pregnant wife suddenly did THIS! Unbelievable!

Men were advised to be very alert when time comes that their wife becomes pregnant. They are advised to avoid panicking when time comes, to avoid any danger.
Now, a video of a couple who are sleeping next to each other is now circulating online.
In the viral video, the man was seen sleeping beside his wife who’s also resting. After a few moments, his wife started screaming in pain and has started to hold her belly.
He initially thought that his wife was about to give birth. He started panicking and was about to call for help when his wife stopped him from doing so.
The woman then asked him to come closer, and when he’s already near, she started farting in her face.
Her husband ws so annoyed that he ended up cursing at him!

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