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Husband accidentally disc0vered wife and f0rmer lover are doing it engr0ssed a tree in deserted place and chillingly incident ha



Husband and wife accidentally discovered ex-girlfriend makes it a full engrossed in some places and incidents chillingly

KC Concepcion again made the rounds on social media after having been posted the picture on his Instagram account.

The picture shows the actress dressed in a red dress with a Christmas tree in thebackground .

Does the caption: "What is jetlag? No matter when you eat the pier, overlooking the water & charming little yacht.

But now, a picture of the tree to celebrate the holiday season! "

However, the post has led to a more controversial questions from his fans. They ask if she was pregnant.

However, KC immediately clarified that he just always for dinner explaining his big belly in the picture.

"Hahaha! I am sorry to disappoint, but I 'm not pregnant! So I just ate dinner. Check my STORY IG! Gusto ko !, "he said in the comments.

Photos gained 17.3 thousand COGON liked.


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