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14-Year Old Contestant's Emotional Performance Wows Judges On Australia's Got Talent Making One Of Them Broke Down In Tears

A 14-year old contestant named Fletcher Pilon from the New South Wales Central Coast took to the stage with his guitar on Sunday night's episode of Australia's Got Talent. 

Fletcher dedicated a self-written tune to his late 10-year old brother Banjo who tragically killed in a skateboarding accident outside his home. 

According to Fletcher: 'I am going to play a song that I have written for my brother,' he said addressing judges Sophie, Kelly Osbourne, Ian 'Dicko' Dickson and Eddie Perfect. 'His name in Banjo and he passed away about three and a half months ago...he was 10-years-old and four years younger than me,' the teenager continued.

Fletcher won the hearts of the everyone on the show after delivering a brilliant and moving audition. He gracefully sing the song, which included the touching lyrics of 'So fly, fly, live in happiness and keep that smile. You're always with me.'

Judges Ian "Dicko” Dickson, Sophie Monk, Kelly Osbourne, Eddie Perfect and members of the audience wiped away tears. The four judges formed a standing ovation. 

Fletcher received four "yes" votes and will proceed to the next round. 

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