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The Doctors Pumped Water In His Ear. What Came Out From His Ear Was Truly Revolting!

Our ears are considered as one of the most sensitive parts of our faces. Through our we’re able to hear things and if there’s something stuck in it, we might experience some hearing problems.
A man named Stephen Berg felt that there’s something wrong inside his ear. He claims that there’s something stuck in his ear so he quickly went to the hospital to get checked.
When the doctors checked his condition, they quickly knew what’s wrong with this man’s ear.
The doctors tried removing what’s stuck in his ear, by using an ear syringe to pump water inside his ear canal.
When his ear was finally flooded with water, something gross came out!
A huge mold of earwax came out of this man’s ear!
It was then revealed by the doctor that the human body actually acts differently and for his case, his ears are producing more earwax than others.

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