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THIS is what will happen to men's manh**d when they stop m@king love!

Have you ever wondered what happens to a man's organ when he stops m@king l0ve with someone?

Below are the results to male's manh**d when they stop m@king l0ve:

1. The penis loses its shape and size
- Male's organ has to be exercised to keep it in shape and tone. Shortening of the penis doesn't happen in all cases, but it really occurs. Men who can't get erections because of physical trauma or damage are more prone to that.

2. Having no or very little sexual activity is associated with erectile dysfunction.
- This happens when a man consistently cannot sustain an erection. Studies show that men who don't have s3x or only doing it infrequently. 

Research then suggest that penis, being a muscle, preserves potency through s3x the same way physical exercise maintain's body's strength.

"Having s3x is good, masturbating is good, but the concept that men have to go out and have s3x to preserve erectile function is bogus,” says Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital, San Diego.

3. Men who don't have s3x are more prone to prostate cancer
- Studies have found out that men who have s3x frequently have smaller chances of getting prostate cancer. A study back in 2014 stated that men who have s3x with more than 20 women, rather than one partner, are linked with 28% drop in their chances of suffering from prostate cancer. 

However, this study doesn't suggest that men should go around and find men whom they could make love with.
THIS is what will happen to men's manhood when they stop making love!

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