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Amazing! Video Of Jhong Hilario In Makati Helping an Old Man Struck By A Motorcycle!

0Former Streetboys dancer and actor Councilor Jhong Hilario was spotted helping an old man after he was run over by a motorcycle near the Magallanes flyover.
The video clip was uploaded on January 3, 2017, by netizen Richard Brocoy Gapasin on his personal Facebook account.
The variety-show-host-turned-politician was filmed crouching next to an old man lying on the street. A bottle of water was set beside the old person as he laid his head on what appears to be a jacket.
The Makati City councilor stayed with the unfortunate victim and waited for paramedics to arrive.
The video has been shared hundreds of times by netizens who praised the efforts of the former Showtime host.



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