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This couple seemed to be just sitting together. But as you look closer. you’ll discover THIS! Unbelievable!

We all know for a fact that parks are made for families and friends to have a place to hangout. People consider parks as a place where they could enjoy walking, enjoy the view and relax.
However, there are some people who just doesn’t know how to respect a public place and how to respect their selves.
Now, this couple has just ruined the total definition of a public park after they tried to do IT in apublick park!
This couple seemed to be just sitting together. But as you look closer, you'll discover THIS! Unbelievable! The one who filmed the couple thought that they she was just sitting on top of her boyfriend, but after a few moments, the one who films them noticed that the woman was slowly moving against the boy.
Turns out that the couple was using the park for their [email protected] time that should only be done in a private place.
They didn’t care about the people who pass by them and just continue what they’re doing.
This footage has quickly caught the netizens’ attention saying that they should at least respect themselves and do this in a private place!


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