10 Surprising Things Guys Love About Every Sex Position

IMAGE Robert Whitman There isn’t much about sex that’s surprising, especially when it comes to what guys like. But there are a few surprising reasons he might be opting for a specific sex

Netizens' Heart Breaks For Poor Batangas Baby Suffering From Anencephaly

A baby from Batangas recently brought the online community to tears due to an unfortunate birth defect known as anencephaly.

Oh deer: monkey caught in flagrante delict-doe

PARIS, France - Scientists on Tuesday revealed the "highly unusual" behavior of a male monkey filmed trying to have sex with female deer in Japan -- a rare case of inter-species nookie. Sex between

SHOCKING! A 5-Year-Old Girl Was Found Dead With Bruises On Her Head And Is Suspected To Have Been R@ped!

Dead with bruises on her head and no clothes below her waist – this was how a five-year-old girl was found in the province of Daraga, Albay. 

WATCH: 7-Year Old Ilonggo Boy's Remarkable Performance Of The Bee Gees' 'Too Much Heaven'

A seven-year old Ilonggo boy named Angelico "Echo" Claridad became an unlikely star in the late March after his remarkable performance of the Bee Gees' "Too Much Heaven" in Asia's Got Talent.

Doctors Were Shocked By What They Found Inside This Woman’s B*tt After Surgery!

India is a country where women are typically still treated as secondary citizens and patriarchy is still largely prevalent.   This is one of the reasons why the majority of Indian men

Simple, Easy and Effective Trick To Remove Blackheads

Almost every one of us, dreams about a clear, radiant and healthy skin. Unfortunately, blackheads can happen to anyone whether you are men or women but primarily, this is a teenage

This couple seemed to be just sitting together. But as you look closer. you’ll discover THIS! Unbelievable!

We all know for a fact that parks are made for families and friends to have a place to hangout. People consider parks as a place where they could enjoy walking, enjoy the view and relax.