Boyfriend dropped two huge pythons over his sleeping girlfriend. Her reaction? FIND OUT HERE!

Most people say that men should treat their girlfriends as a princess. But then, it seems that this man has different thoughts about having a girlfriend. A man named Derek Deso has posted

MUST KNOW: 5 early symptoms of colon cancer that you should NEVER ignore!

Colon cancer is considered as one of the most common type of cancers. This is also described as a silent killer because it's only being diagnosed when it's too late for treatment! 

Diana Menezes' hot and intense work out will make any man go to the gym immediately!

Diana Menezes is considered as one of the most admired, most beautiful and sexiest personality in the ahowbiz industry! People admire her beauty so much and the way she takes good care of her

Janine Tugonon goes completely unclothed for $10,000 in NU Muses Calendar 2017 photo shoot!

Following her win a the first runner up in Miss Universe 2012, Janine Tugonon has had a continuous string in the modelling industry. After being the first Filipina to be part of

BUSTED: This girl was caught cheating after she sent these photos to her boyfriend!

A woman named Jackie went on a trip to Atlanta 'alone'. When she reached the hotel, she immediately sent photos to her boyfriend.

Jewelry shop employee was forced to strip naked and get 'painted diamonds as cover' to attract buyers!

e can't argue to the fact that each and every company has their own marketing strategies that are either surprising, or unbelievable! 
Now, photos

Solve your problems with blocked arteries, infections and colds just by using these 3 magical ingredients!

Blocked arteries are known as silent killers and we should be aware of its symptoms. 
Below are the symptoms of blocked arteries:

LTO Employee Who Makes People Wait In Line for Four Hours Caught On Cam

 Here in the Philippines, Filipinos are used to waiting in long lines, especially in government offices. It is the main reason why there are those who employ illegal fixers to

BF Dies After Girlfriend Gave Her A "CHIKININI " in the Neck


The Meaning Behind Each Of The 10 Types of Hugs That You Need To Know About! #10 Is Not What You Expect!

Among the many good little things life has to oᾌ✓er, hugs may be among the sweetest and most special. Best of all, they’re free! Being hugged typically reminds us that we are not alone and that we