SHOCKING: Anne Curtis' chests were shown on It's Showtime! Check this out!

We can't deny the fact that a lot of people are swooning over the actress-host, Anne Curtis Smith! A lot of people, especially men, admire her because of her beauty and her brain! 

Valentines Day, this couple met or just an hour, But Did This in the Comfort Room!

Another embarrassment came smashing via web-based networking media’s news nourish after this couple made a scene which confounds everybody. On Valentines Day, this couple met or just an hour,

Watch Vice Ganda’s Reaction to Terrence Romeo’s Engagement!

"I don’t want to talk about them.”   This was Vice Ganda’s short and simple comment when asked to react to rumored ex-boyfriend Terrence Romeo’s recent engagement.  

5 Filipinos Who Proudly Admitted They Had Plastic Surgery! Meet The Retokados and Retokadas!

In our still conservative country, plastic surgery can still be seen as outrageous, even looked down on. That definitely  doesn’t matter to these celebrities though!   Check out this

Kim Kardashian makes sexy comeback for LOVE MAGAZINE

  Kim Kardashian makes sexy comeback for LOVE MAGAZINE. KIM KARDASHIAN has turned into the most recent superstar shocker to wow in indecent LOVE Advent calendar. The reality

5 REAL Pinoy Showbiz scandals that you didn't knew about!

  We all know for a fact that these days, more and more scandalous videos are being posted and shared online, it may sound unreal, but it is. In fact, this issue is pretty normal for those who

Husband accidentally disc0vered wife and f0rmer lover are doing it engr0ssed a tree in deserted place and chillingly incident ha

    Husband and wife accidentally discovered ex-girlfriend makes it a full engrossed in some places and incidents chillingly KC Concepcion again made the rounds on social