'Ipaglaban mo!' This man forced his gardener to harrass their maid!

The Saturday episode of Ipaglaban Mo, has captured the attention of the netizens after it was gardener and his maid to make love in front

Must Watch: Fishermen Wake Up and Poke Fun at a Giant Anaconda. They Didn’t Expect What Happened Next!

Many adventure junkies find thrill in the wild. For some people, being face to face with some of the world’s most terrifying creatures seems like their idea of fun.   In a viral video

A Grade 10 Student in Masbate Was Found Lifeless In The Mud After Her Own Uncle Raped Her! Shocking!

In Barangay Cagay in Masbate city, a 17-year-old girl was killed and raped by her own uncle.
The Grade 10 student

MUST LOOK! These Children Are Eating Rotten Food and Feces in This Childcare Center! Terrible!

It’s terrible when we see or witness children begging in the streets or running around with no clothes on, especially in our country where poverty is still prevalent. 

This Drunk Girl Passes Out On His Friend's Couch. You Won't Expect What The Guy Does After! Must Watch!

Getting drunk and crashing on a male friend's couch might be one of the biggest no-nos for any girl. 
And with good reason! Many of the

These Are The 12 Filipino Celebrities Who Are Blessed With A Timeless Beauty! #3 Is Unbelievable! Must See!

Beauty is a quality that fades over time for some people. There’s nothing wrong with aging – it’s a natural part of life that can only bring humility, maturity, and wisdom. A ‘timeless

WATCH: ‘In sickness and in health’ Love Story Will Definitely Make you Believe in Forever

A video spread on the internet like wildfire after showing a one-of-a-kind love story last Valentines Day. It is about a man named Rufino Rop Gueverra who never left the side of her ailing


Policeman Violates Simple Traffic Rules CaughT On Video. Pinoy netizen took to online networking and shared his dashcam video demonstrating a cop who disregards basic movement rules has earned

Wife caught husband and mistress on their valentines date inside a motel, video goes viral!

A certain netizen took to Facebook to vent out her frustration and disappointment after finding out that her husband had an affair with another woman. She posted photos and videos