An Invisible Place Of ‘Biringan’ In Samar Where People Who Went There Never Got The Chance To Return To Their Families

The City of Biringan in Samar had a lot of creepy and terrifying stories since 1983 where a group of students visited the invisible place of "Biringan” but they have never been found anymore. Even

Place a glass of water with salt and vinegar in any part of your house. What happens after 24 hours will surely shock you!

It is for real that we often experience that heavy feeling inside our home. Although our home could be the best place to stay, if there's a huge negative energy in it, then we wouldn't be glad to

Scientists Find That Women Who Frequently Have Interc*urse May Have Better Memories.

Researchers at the McGill University in Canada discovered a link between interc**rse and memory in females. Specifically they've found that women who engage in more interc**rse

BUSTED! Wife caught her husband and his mistress inside a motel!

A wife from Lapu-Lapu, Cebu chose to fight for her rights as a legal wife by pressing charges against her husband whom she caught in the act of cheating on her.

Rufa Mae Quinto showed off her baby bump in an intimate maternity shoot with her husband!

After they've exchanged vows and tied the knot between them, Rufa Mae Quinto and Trevor Magallanes has once again became a trending topic online after they had

REJECTED? Kris Aquino had received a big NO when she auditioned as the co-host of Steve Harvey for the Miss Universe 2016!

A Facebook user has recently sent a message to telling the admin that Kris Aquino has allegedly failed the audition as Steve

MUST WATCH: The sizzling hot dance video of Arisa Hui went viral online!

A Facebook personality named Arisa Hui has been known for being a sizzling hot personality that everyone's been dreaming of!  People just can't stop admiring the beauty and

Top reasons why showering with your partner is the best thing to do! READ THIS!

If you don't like the idea of showering together with your partner, then you should probably read this and you might really change your mind! 

Maxine Magalona showed of her bikini bod! Check out her sizzling hot photos here!

Maxene Magalona had been in the industry ever since she's a child! She had major roles underGMA7. But now, she's currently working under a contract with ABS-CBN. She already had different