Netizen Finds a WORM on her Food, Manager Asks her to Delete Social Media Post

Netizen finds a worm on her fast food. At first she wondered why it was STILL happening since a lot of reports were already made on the same concern. You may have already seen a handful of posts that

Man Commits Suicide. Jumps Off Gaisano Mall’s 5th Floor In Davao City!

A tragic incident shocked shoppers of Gaisano Mall in Davao City when a man jumpedfrom its 5th floor to commit suicide at around 10:00 am yesterday, February 11.   Police

Famous Celebrities With Simple Life Off Cam

Celebrities are ordinary people when they are not in front of camera. Although they are famous, they still live a simple life.   Among those famous celebrities who were ordinary people off

WATCH: She Was Forced to Make Love With Other Men in Front of Her Boyfriend!

Bua, a mute girl, was raped by three village gangster. When her boyfriend named Yod comes to the rescue, they both were brutally beaten to death and buried in a shallow grave in the woods. They were

The Mystery Behind The Bermuda Triangle May Have Finally Been 'Solved'

Scientists now believe that 'killer clouds' maybe the culprit for the downing of so many planes and ships over the

WATCH: Maxine Medina Question and Answer from Binibining Pilipinas to Miss Universe!

The long wait is over, after how many months of preparation, moments of sleepless nights and hard work to make the performances perfect, the 65th Miss Universe pageant, Miss Universe

MUST READ! @tion Has Been Proven to Have Actual Good Health Benefits!

Do you know that masturbation, or the act of touching one’s genitals for pleasure, is something that people do as early as infanthood? It’s a fact because it’s actually a natural and a normal part of