Drunk man was arrested for performing oral s*x on a Thai Bar! Unbelievable!

A 20-year-old bar girl in Thailand named Natnapa Prawaddee was surprised when a 49-year-old drunk American Businessman who happens to be their regular customer, started performing

Woman offers a pizza to this homeless man. What happened next was unexpected!

A Hollywood celebrity named Richard Gere has decided to get into the character into his new film by pretending to be a homeless man for aday!  He went undercover as

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Once again, the list of the sexiest women in the Philippines was released and people just can't stop talking about how beautiful and how sexy they are! 

BF spotted his girlfriend lifeless and soaking in blood. What he discovered after was truly shocking!

We all know for a fact that a lot of couples these days tend to use extra effort to make their partners happy! They tend to give their partners roses and chocolates to make them

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Toni Fowler has recently made the headlines after she got involved in the separation of a famous couple called #JoLai, and now, she has once again became the talk of town after a video of

BREAKING NEWS: 27 Hurt As Leyte Is Rocked By Bomb Blast!

Tacloban City was rocked by a bomb blast at approximately 9 PM on Wednesday night, December 29, 2016, Inquirer reports.   Leyte Governor

This 52-Year-Old Woman Is Pregnant With Twins And They Were All Shocked When They Found Out Who’s The Father!

Mothers can truly do any thing in the name of love for their children. Willingly, they would give their best just to provide their needs. In this case, despite the mother’s old age, 52, her decision

The Doctors Pumped Water In His Ear. What Came Out From His Ear Was Truly Revolting!

Our ears are considered as one of the most sensitive parts of our faces. Through our we’re able to hear things and if there’s something stuck in it, we might experience some hearing

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