Breaking News: 70-Year-Old German to Be headed by the Abu Sayaff!

The terror group Abu Sayaff (ASG) is demanding a P 30-million ransom in exchange for the life of 70-year-old German.    According to PhilStar, ASG

This Hilarious Game is Perfect for Couples This Valentines Day. MUST WATCH!

A particular video in the internet went viral after showing couples playing a rather interesting yet odd game for Valentines day!

Couple was arrested on Valentine's Day after they were spotted doing IT inside the car!

We can't deny the fact that these days, more and more couple are getting aggressive. They tend to think that the best gift that they could give to their partner is their self.

Husband Forces Wife to Walk Naked on NY Street After He Caught Her Sexting Other Men!

This clip appears to show the moment a man humiliated his wife by making her walk without any clothes down on the road - after he caught her sending 'naked' photos of other men. In the disturbing

This Girls Amazing Dance Moves in Tutuban Cluster Mall Goes Viral

This story was submitted by our reader. Netizens are widely discussing dancing girls in Tutuban Cluster Mall. Nobody knows for sure what was the aim of their dance and what was the

This Article Was Taken Down Many Times Because It Really Works!

Home remedy gets taken down numerous times for being more effective than medicine. All it takes are three basic ingredients to prepare! There are a lot of home made remedies out there that will

Learn How to Hack to Manipulate Your Hormones and Lose Weight!

Diet can be really hard since there would be a lot of food to keep astray from and so people tend to starve themselves to desperately lose weight!

Gretchen Barretto boasts her body that's similar to an 18-year-old girl's body! Check this out!

When you talk about luxury, you can never stop yourself from saying Gretchen Barretto's name. But then, did you know that aside from her luxurious lifestyle, she's also known

10-Foot Long Dead Oarfish Captured In Surigao, Two Days Before The Destructive Earthquake Hit The Province. Is It A Sign Of The Disaster?

An oarfish are large, greatly elongated, pelagic lampriform fish belonging to the small family Regalecidae reaching a length of 56 feet (17 meters).