People Paid $1.000 Just To See This 5-Minute Spectacular Performance In Paris

  Famous Dutch illusionist Hans Klok attempted to set a new world record, 15 grand illusions performed in just 5 minutes.   Tickets were available to those who wanted to see it live,

Unclothed models walked on the runway wearing nothing but wigs! What happened next was shocking! WATCH THIS!

    A video that was posted in 2010 became controversial and has even taken the internet by a storm.   The said video was taken during

Erik Matti Breaks Silence On Who Should Fly As The New Darna! Who Is She? Find Out Here!

  Mars Ravelo's Darna is an iconic part of Filipino pop culture. So it's no surprise that everytime a new movie of the super hero comes along, the prized part always comes with

Watch: New Viral S*x Video of Britanya Pritch and Jhon Bitancor

  Balita Ngayon | New S*x video is now viral on social media! Facebook user named Christiãn C Yanong posted a video with caption:

Many Couples Are Enjoying The ‘Touch My Body’ Challenge – Watch Here!

    Many different kinds of challenges have circulated social media lately. In 2014, the "Ice Bucket Challenge”, wherein various people dumped icy water over themselves for charity,

Topless Jewelry Shop Worker Forced to Attract Customers with Painted Diamonds over Her Nipp.l.e.s

  A jewelry shop took marketing into a whole new level to attract customers—even if it meant throwing away their worker’s pride. Their shop attendant was forced to strip down and remain topless

HOT! Art Loss Without Clothing ADULT ..

    HOT Senii Painting Without Firm " Clothing " Most End Gilak Banget Usually the paint used on the walls of timber or vehicle, however in the hands of artists paint in

This Woman Jumps Off A Building After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her, Luckily She Was Pulled To Safety

  Remember the bride-to-be who tried to jump off a building after being dumped by her fiance? Another similar incident happened in Harbin, China wherein a 20-year old woman

Chinese ‘Camgirl’ Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Live-streaming Obscene Videos Online

  So far, she has earned at least $10,000 from her videos. A part of China’s ongoing crackdown on the booming domestic live-streaming industry involves young camgirls—or online